Not comfortable using a phone, or can't talk, but seeking help with emotional crisis or other issues?

Find free online help with e-mental health services (through IM chat, texting, email, forums, and more). Get live, interactive support from trained volunteers and professionals.

Most sites linked by this site can be used by youth, but these listed below offer mental health info and services designed for people under 30 (or just for teens, or younger). Some have peer support, with youth helping youth.


eheadspace - IM chat, email
Kids Helpline - IM chat, email
Reach Out - IM chat, email

Arctic Children & Youth Foundation - forum, info (Northern Canadian)
ConnecTeen - teen peer support IM chat (Calgary, Alberta)
Foundry - BC mental health and social services (BC youth 12-24)
Honouring Life Network - forum, blog (Aboriginal Canadian)
Jeunesse, J’écoute - IM chat, forum (French Canadian)
Kids Help Phone - forum, IM chat
Northern Youth Online - IM chat (Northern Canadian)
Tel-jeunes - IM chat, forum (French Canadian)
Thought Spot (Toronto peers)
WalkAlong - mental health info, self-help (BC)
Your Life Counts - IM chat, info
Youth in BC - IM chat, email, info (BC and Yukon)
LGBT Youthline- IM chat, forum, blog (LGBTQ, Ontario)
Youth Space - txt, IM chat, email, forum

New Zealand
The Lowdown - txt, forum, email
Youthline - txt, phone, info

Edinburgh Nightline - IM chat (Edinburgh student peer support)

Childline - IM chat, email
Get Connected - txt, IM chat, email
Leeds Nightline - IM chat (Leeds, UK student peer support)
MindOut (LGBTQ)
The Site - moderated peer support chat room, info

USA - txt crisis service
Common Ground - IM chat
Crisisline Online - IM chat (NY)
Crisis Text Line - txt LISTEN to 741-741 (teens)
NAMI Strength of US - info, forum (mental health)
On Your Mind - youth peer support IM chat
Teen Line - txt, IM chat (peer support)
Teenline - txt, IM chat (peer support)
Teenlink - peer support IM chat
TrevorChat - IM chat (LGBTQ)
You Are Not Alone Network - forum, videos, info (Native American)
Your Life, Your Voice - IM chat, forum, email


Anxiety in Teens - forum, info - info (bullying)
Buddy Project - Twitter buddy pairing system
Bullying-Support email support group - e-list (bullying)
Chiworld- hotline directory
Empty Closets - peer support forum for coming out as LGBTQ
Hello, Cruel World - free app, book on 101 alternatives to suicide
It Gets Better Project,It Gets Better International- videos, blog (suicide, bullying, LGBTQ)
Mindcheck - info (mental health)
Mind Your Mind - info (mental health)
my.gURL - teen peer support forum
OCD? Not Me - online OCD treatment, teens 12-18
On Your Mind- info (mental health)
#OpAntiBully - cyberbullying info
Psychosis Sucks - info (mental health)
Removing Chains - chat room (bullying)
Scarleteen- txt, email, IM chat, forum, info (sex ed, relationships) (txt for USA only)
Smiling Mind - free app for mindfulness and balance
Student Spill- forum (college student peer support)
Teen Depression Community - peer support forum
Teen Moods - peer support forum
TrevorSpace - LGBTQ+ youth social networking, ages 13-24
Youth Guardian Services- LGBTQ youth email peer support groups


Texting for help: a list of numbers

Online Suicide Help

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